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CRT Ep. 10: Caching To Us (May 2008)

Join Bass_Chaz (Granite State Geocacher Radio), DarrylW4 (Cache-A-Maniacs), Firefly03 (Cache-A-Maniacs), GerBear (Ontario Geocaching Podcast), Icenrye (Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine), iTrax and FoxTail (Podcacher), Kacky (Maine Podcache), and xpunkx (Geocaching Podcast) as they discuss what caching is to us. They are joined by the live audience through TalkShoe with PKDAD1 and surferacf each joining in the conversation. Listener redlights) called the voice mail line to challege all cachers to place caches in a friendlier manner. Check out this month's Geocaching picks at the follow links:
Our thanks go out to all the Listeners who were able to participate in the show live on May 3rd, 8:00PM EDT and to XpunkX for hosting the live show through the Geocaching Podcast.

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